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We have learned through personal experience that you will hire one of 3 types of salespeople:


Prepared, polished and presentable, decent track record but will deliver a mix of promising and poor results.


Robust and resilient, exhibit hunter-mentality, adopt a proactive approach to problems, but still can’t accelerate rapidly or match your chosen pace.


Exceptional hunters who exhibit meticulous attention to detail. Entrepreneurial outlook, revenue generators, and cut-throat competitive nature.
I see Nine as a true partner organization. Very professional and accessible at any time, I was impressed with their mapping and researching skills, based on the strong recruitment needs. I strongly recommend Nine.
Tal Hershkovitz - CFO & COO


This is the second company with which I have contracted Nine for recruitment services. In both cases they have been very responsive and have had a great network. Additionally, the team was very good to work with.
John Lyons - CRO

Inky Technologies

Very Responsive and Fast Acting! Nine was extremely responsive and quick in delivering top candidates to help us fill a role urgently.
Jessica Cue - Chief of Staff

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An experienced international team, we focus on building talent banks of 9-grade candidates through referrals. We are so confident in our expertise, we offer all our clients a no win no fee commercial model with a 100% risk-free guarantee.

Our case studies showcase our strengths as a business

DACH Region, sponsored by the Director of Pre-Sales.
An industrial cyber-security start-up, this company provides real-time Cyber Security and Visibility for Industrial Control Networks.

To build a technical sales capability for DACH, our client required the right balance in person who is customer-facing and understands Industrial Control Systems.


An Exclusive Search to have one partner exclusively map the DACH market and identify Sales Engineers within the ICS market.


NINE presented an ICS Market map outlining all the main competitors. We introduced eight candidates which resulted in eight interviews with one Sales Engineer appointed.

Israel / EMEA, sponsored by the CEO.
An innovator in internal data center security, the company focuses on delivering accurate and effective ways to stop advanced threats through real-time breach detection and response.

In line with the business plan, the requirement was to build an EMEA capability. The CEO required a partner who would be able to deliver an exceptional hire to help achieve their EMEA growth plans and launch the new region with short-term ROI.


An Executive Search Solution was engaged as an effective method giving the client a structured search with SLA's.


NINE delivered a shortlist of 3 exceptional candidates profiled and culturally assessed. This resulted in our client appointing a Regional Sales Director for EMEA and successfully laying the foundations for a new region and territory as well.

Israel / APAC, sponsored by the CEO & VP HR.
A leading start-up from Tel Aviv, Israel with a global client base, this company provides one of the most advanced solutions within the area of threat intelligence.

To launch the APAC region by identifying a VP Sales Director, the CEO required a delivery partner to source a proven leader to give the APAC region the growth required to achieve the business plan.


A customised End-to-End Executive Search was engaged as an effective model to deliver this campaing. The routes to market included active headhunting and networking across the Senior APAC Cyber Sales Director market.


After a rigorous head hunting exercise, NINE delivered a shortlist of 5 pre-vetted candidates who were from the client's closest market competitors. As a result a Regional Sales Director/VP Sales was appointed in APAC.

DACH / Central Europe Region, sponsored by the VP Sales.
A market-leading endpoint security solution company that detects, prevents, and block cyber threats. Their AI capabilities protect IT infrastructures against both overt and covert threats.

To build a green-field territory hunting new business. After being acquired by a global leading Cyber Security business, the new CEO required a partner who could deliver the right Regional Sales Director to achieve aggressive EMEA growth plans.


The client chose NINE's exclusive search solution to provide competitor analysis and executive headhunting exercises within the DACH region to identify a new Regional Sales Director.


NINE presented a detailed competitor analysis outlining the major players within the DACH End Point Market. NINE introduced a Regional Sales Director who was subsequently appointed.

Global Reach, Local Talent.

9 Reasons to Choose NINE


A comprehensive network and knowledge bank of 50+ commission structures.

Global Search

Key networks globally, especially US, DACH, Nordics, Benelux, UK and the Middle East.

Mastered Processes

Mature talent funnelling for strategic head-hunting and profiling for sniper-like results.


A black-book of 500 + 9’s across the cyber security arena.

Track Record

Partnered with multiple start-ups and pre-IPOs for accelerated growth and expansion.


Mature and flexible headhunting firm engaged in senior hires and selection techniques to align with our customers.

Constant Support

Dedicated 24/7 Support.

Competitive Model

100% Risk-free Guarantee for every placement.

Likeminded Approach

We can uncover hunters and identify the top 1% of sales professionals.